Octoberfestivus Day 8

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Travel

Rome Day 2

A solid nights sleep after the previous long day ensured we bounded out of bed at 0630 to catch up on our social media commitments . A light home made breakfast and then the short walk to The Gallery Borghese to get me sum cultcha. We had prebooked as one must but still the obligatory line up followed by security checks and handing over phones and cameras etc. ok that is fine this is history but man was I pissed off while walking a round to see every gawky teenager around pulling out cameras and taking pictures. Major fail security inside. The gallery itself was awesome although my limit of stunning murals and ceilings is about 3 – and there we 27 to go! CLP even forked over 5 € for an audie guide and then they demanded she hand over her drivers license!

From there we opted for our first experience of Rome metro and it was rather impressive if crowded. We headed down towards Collosseum only for an outside gawk as are visiting proper later in week. There were crowds. Then on past the Circus Maximus which though basically a large hole in the ground you can imagine it in its day. Hey I’ve seen Sparatcus! A few more hills and dales and then the Mouth of Truth. At this stage should mention that CLP has a certain fondness for Roman Holiday and Audrey in particular. There was a line up once more and ” only one photo per person” but it all worked rather smoothly. We could see The Vatican in the distance but CLP knew of a special keyhole – and yes it was up another hill. But the view through the keyhole – of said Vatican – was simply memorable and could not be captured on film, or at least not by this little black duck. Back down some hills and around some corners , a few metro rids later and we were on way home – but first time for a pizza and beer. Man that beer tasted good – all 65cl of it.

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