Octoberfestivus Day 9

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Travel

Naples and Pompeii

Our first organised tour for the trip saw us being picked up from our lodgings at 0700 in an 8 seater – being Rome of course they wanted to put 9 people in it. Hope the woman sitting on my lap got a thrill. Onto the big bus at Rome Termini and it was clean and reasonably comfortable . I always scan the likely suspects to see who will likely be trouble and no surprises that my pick of the middle aged Asian woman proved right at the first rest stop. Let me just say I am in constant awe of these bus drivers who manoeuvre these babies through narrow streets . Ours was equally up to the task. An hour after heading south we had our first well oiled 20 minute break where you have a coffee and a croissant and a pee – best in that order. There are obviously a few places like this dotted across the landscape that cater for bus tours as they have massive car parks and always several bus loads at any one time. As nominated said lady kept everyone waiting a further 5 minutes. Back on bus and into Naples. A poor man’s Monte Carlo ? Maybe they just pay taxes. It was a glorious day and you can’t go wrong with a large Bay and Mt Vesuvius dominating in background but it was pretty dull drive through town. The ability to stretch legs for 5 was great though. Onto a Cameo making factory , once again set up for bus tours , before heading to new Pompeii for lunch- apparently the restaurant guide did not recommend old Pompeii! Once again very well organised and the food was great. Only one thing worse than loud American tourists and that is quite American tourist . Young couple at our table, civilian contractors for US army in Kuwait and to be fair the lady was not unattractive. They were from Georgia but it was no peach of a time folks – like pulling teeth only less fun. He even said ” yes ma’am” to CLP once. Lovely people no doubt but dull dull dull. A quick souvenir hunt followed by the usual tip off where I got 3 coins as my 3 € change but if course he slipped me 50c ones not full € and I was in hurry to get out. Am sure it is his usual shtick for tourists and would catch most. Then it was onto the 2 hour walk around the old ruins with our tour guide

Ruins are a bit like art for me – I appreciate the significance etc of it all but after about 3 I have seen enough. The best thing about the whole day actually was the snippets of historical fact given now and again especially about the actual eruption in 79AD. The people died asphyxiated by the sulphur gas which enveloped them . From time of eruption it tràvelled the 8 miles in 3 minutes. It was a casual walk around and luckily after about an hour we found a Gelato store that miraculously survived the eruption. Right on time we left Pompeii for the 3 hour trip back , of course with the 20 minute rest stop at yet another bus load of tourists friendly site. We were dropped off close to our hotel so all in all a very well run tour if some of the actual content was a tad dull.

  1. deerinthexenonarclights says:

    Loving the fact that you feel the need to interact with every exhibit and landmark that you photograph; you’re a very physical tourist Flashy, guess that means you are getting more out of being there than those who just take flat photos that can be found on Google, like myself.

  2. flashman181 says:

    Well it does help to travel with someone else to actually take the photo but yeah I like to insert myself ……………….. In photos.

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