Octoberfestivus Day 4

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Uncategorized


Started the day with my typical Czech breakfast of frankfurters and meatballs and then headed out into a rather warm clear day. It would appear the ability to predict weather is uniformly inept but we were not complaining. It can be tricky though to dress appropriately for several hours out when you don’t know what the weather will do. Damn that breakfast has turned me into a Sheila! Anyhoo time to head to Wencelas square first and see if the good king was around. To be honest it was pretty dull and even almost walked past the Hotel Europa without noticing. Couple of pics and on our way to the Dancing Buildings. Now these were impressive and a clear indication of what happens when builders drink on the job. Now apart from the CLPs fascination with nude men there was a yearning to see some bare bottoms and we had 2 choices – ladder to bum or baby bums. These were in totally opposite direction so opted for the ladder one and headed off on about a 30 minute walk. We assumed they were outside statues – they were not. We assumed everywhere opened by 10 am. They do not . It was gallery that opened at 11 am which was at least an hour away and sadly the neighbourhood looked tres ordinary so we reconciled with the fact we would have to look at our own bums at some stage later on. Then it was time for some morning tea at the Karvana Slavia where apparently the stars like to be seen. Luckily no one recognised me and we had the cheeses meats and vegetables option along with a coffee that came in a cup with no handles. After dealing with the third degree burns it was time to head to the beer museum where there are 30 taps available. We opted for the testing tray of 8 and actually enjoyed the cherry flavoured beer. Last stop then was the obligatory souvenir shop where I went hunting for my obligatory T Shirt. Sizes overseas are always a test so added one on for safety and went for the XXL. Memo to self – look for 4xl in future. Luckily I have a midget son in law who now is proud owner of a ” Prague – the City of Love” T shirt. So a couple of knick knacks later and back to hotel for some R&R.

We leave tomorrow for Vienna so some observations on Prague. It is a beautiful city where it was easy to walk around and we felt safe at all times. The people are generally friendly although some service staff have an aversion to smiling. It is amazingly affordable city and the food and drinks are superb value. There are at least 10 hot women for every hot guy and hat hot guy is hard to find! They may come with attitude though:) The Czech people don’t appear to be an obese nation at all which is surprising given every meal comes with 3 loaves of bread(free) and 24 dumplings! Segways are very popular and a great way to see the city. The river with several bridges is a simply beautiful scene. The architecture is stunning at times. This is a wonderful city and a must visit on any European odyssey.

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