Kuwait 08

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Travel

As we flew Emirates to UK on our trips we always passed through Dubai and on first trip spent a couple of days there before spending a few days in Kuwait. We will spend more time in Dubai on our way back from Europe this year including high tea at Burj al Arab – have sent my left kidney airmail as deposit. Kuwait would not normally rank high on the must see destinations for me but this time was special as my brother – the over achiever in the family – was spending a couple of years in Kuwait overseeing the construction of a new megahospital as the medical director. Organising such a project in Kuwait could fill about 4 blogs but that is his story not mine. After the easy experience that flying with Emirates usually is and a couple of luxurious days at the Hyatt at Dubai it was time to get down and dirty and what better way to start then with Jazeera Air! You get what you pay for of course but it was an experience to be sure from the continual delays through to the Pringles available as in flight dining and the rather unique though totally indecipherable in flight entertainment. Luckily my brother and his wife met us at Kuwait airport to shield us from too many more cultural shocks. Like many foreign countries if you have an experienced native to show you around then it is a totally different experience and so for the next few days we saw a fascinating and charming side of Kuwait from the stunning Mosques through to the unique shopping treats. We also experienced the joy of traffic coming to a sudden halt in the middle of the road when the call to prayer occurred and often this occurred during a sandstorm! We also had the chance to celebrate my 50th birthday with the famous smorgasboard at Crowne Plaza – it was fascinating to see the veil subtly lifted to allow more food to be shovelled in – and there was a lot of food on the plate trust me. The driving is unique in many aspects as we have many rich people with very fast cars and a vague interpretation of speed limits. Australians are welcome in Kuwait too as apparently we helped them out in the big fracas – not me personally but some brave compatriots.It was a fascinating few days and an enriching experience in so many ways. I would not return again as my brother has now returned to Australia – well Victoria at least – but will spend a few days at Jumeirah beach this year to see how the other half lives. From the top of Burj al Arab perhaps. I still have a kidney to spare afterall.

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