Midlife Crisis in Maryhole Part 2

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Ok so a few things as expected have happened since initial post.

Harrison Jack (GS3) was born about 10 days early and so was a little fella – he was always going to be a little fella with his parents but this was bordering on concerningly small. However maternal instinct is a wonderful thing as are the staff at Toowoomba General hospital so he was able to come home a week later and will be fine and dandy. Went out to Toowoomba last weekend to spend time with The Three Amigos and this has an amazing settling effect and enables oneself to focus on the important things in life.

Now on to the less important inevitable occurrences. Microbiology did finally relocate and so we have now been in The Brave New World for a month. It is a mixed bag. The tunnel may be long but there is definitely something flashing in my eye off in the distance. The removal of “On Call” has been pleasant as expected but the drop in funds also as expected – when one is use to more disposable income it can be difficult to adjust – so late in life – even if one should just enjoy the more free time one has. Easier said than done. This boy likes to work hard and play hard – or at least spend big. Constraint has never been my strength – I can resist everything but temptation. As I write this getting towards the bottom of the second glass of wine nothing has ever been more obvious. Since Girl Child 2 moved on it has been very easy to have a couple of drinks each afternoon – and associated dangerous munchies – and so as the weeks pass the waistline may be expanding at an unhealthy rate. This is the challenge ahead but at present it has not been met. It is approaching winter in QLD which is a wonderful time often with clear blue skies and brisk mornings but generally booteeful days. The sun goes down early which makes afternoon drinkies that much more appealing. It is cool in the morning which makes gym visits less appealing. This is a dangerous combination. A smart boy may say well go to the gym in the afternoon instead of drinks and kill 2 Birds with one stone. I may be clever but I aint smart.

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