Last Day in LA 2011

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Travel

Our flight did not leave until early evening so thought we would spend our last morning in downtown LA (on a Saturday) as we had already experienced the Hollywood side of town. It was amazingly deadsville. However there certainly were some highlights to see and none more spectacular than the Disney Concert Hall. There were also the well known spots like Dorothy Chandler Pavillion and the LA Times building. We then ventured further in some direction and came across the Grammy Museum but it was amazing to be in such a populated town walking around on virtually deserted streets. We decided to pay one more visit to Hollywood Boulevarde before heading back to Hilton and checking out. We were then able to spend the afternoon relaxing around the pool or resting in our own private cabana – alas no Cabana Boy was provided for CLP. It was a suitable contrasting few hours to the previous whirlwind 48 hours and a time to recharge the batteries before the long flight home.

Our trip to USA had been a once in a lifetime experience that we couldnt wait to repeat! The bank manager and I are currently in disagreement over the likelihood of this but a man can dream can’t he?

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