30 Rock

Posted: May 25, 2012 in TV

I watch 30 Rock every week like I watch Curb every week – not every episode is great but you sure dont want to miss one just in case. Seinfeld never really had a weak episode except maybe the first couple whereas Curb and 30 Rock had some weak ones in later seasons. Happy to report that Epiosde 22 of 30 Rock this week was great. The first 2 minutes (clip 1 below) had some great lines in it and then we had the finger tapping scenes followed by the wedding/divorce and Kim Jong the Waiter. The Pippa Middleton Ass reference (clip 2) was gold Baby. I am happy to fess up that Tina Fey floats my boat in so many ways so even when the epiosode may go off the rails TF is just around the corner with her unique brand of flawed eternal optimism. Tracy Jordan is very hit and miss, Kenneth, Jack and Jenna uniformly good while the new Page girl Hazel has some of the best lines and scenes. Banks has great comic timing and is smoking hot. I understand next season is last and that sounds about right

Clip 1

Clip 2

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