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As in Life the first month is always the easiest. You either don’t need toilet paper or have enough stock! At first it begins like a little adventure and also gives you a great reason not to socialise with the great unwashed or GUH as we now call them – great unwashed hands. The fun part wanes pretty early mind you when the impact of no family gatherings hit especially with Easter front and centre. Luckily with social media these days still able to see the Grandkiddies enjoy Easter in their different ways


Missing the usual Della campout at Maplehead was sad if for no other reason than to drink someone else’s alcohol for a few days. Your own never tastes as good for some reason and trust me I have tested this theory extensively of late.

Travel, especially of the international kind, will be the most affected aspect of this period as the months pass. Scotty from Marketing says not only are we flattening the curve but we are crushing it like ingested disinfectant on a susceptible lung.


Many people are struggling of course as unemployment takes off. Still give Scotty from Marketing an A- so far and that could dip depending on how he handles the easing of restrictions. By all means be careful but lets not be too silly about it. I am just glad I never have to apply for a job again. 50% record to date with first application was successful in 1977 and then a brief attempt to become a Sales Rep in the 90s failed even with my noted people skills. Not sure if was my honesty or the way I wore my hair for the interview


First up our short trip to Melbourne in June is off and we have taken a “flight credit” for now. Prepaid accommodation may be lost. There really is no point going somewhere just because a plane takes off and lands a few hrs later if you cant walk around the city and partake in the eating drinking caper as usual. Next up of course is Las Vegas in October and again looking very dodgy. I suspect USA will reopen too early but regardless of that the real issue is doubt Qantas ( again fully paid up fares) will be flying to USA in 2020. Pretty well accepted it wont happen and while nowhere near happy about it have come to terms with it and looking at other ways to escape Maryhole. By then I imagine domestic travel will be mostly running and pubs and restaurants open in Australia so maybe Melboring in October will be the go. Then I have NYC in Feb 2021 which would put at only 50-50 at present again because of Qantas restrictions I imagine. I could start to lose some of my renowned easy going nature if that were to occur. Finally we then roll into Call Me Bwana 2021 in March which maybe looks about 80-20 at present. Most of the travel in doubt are solo international trips for this LBD and while I can live with missing Las Vegas the same does not apply for Feb 2021. Two main reasons travel these times is do love the solo visits to big cities but also to escape a few weeks of Qld heat. Not sure could survive another summer at home. This raises the question maybe of a short solo trip to Sydney for example in August/Sept this year but really not escaping any Qld heat then

There are many ways to fill in time and still interact with folk during these times and first one is always Top 10 lists – music, movies, TV…. Given cinemas are closed it at least provides some discussion of movies given new releases are limited

The clear indication for moi from these processes is how much the 70s resonated with me for music and movies whereas it was later decades that TV clicked in. Movies in the 70s still have a particular look and colour and no doubt the lack of CGI also gave them a more realistic look and of course you had to rely on obscure things like plot and acting to enthrall the masses. Another popular thread is the “View from my Window” one and believe I wouldnt mind moving into most of them for 6 months! I posted mine and most comments were “what crime did you commit and how long are in for”. A comparison perchance?

Golf has continued and despite some outcries from the plebs the fact that the majority of players are almost 100 and no one has caught the virus yet kinda supports the return the play process with social distancing in place. Fully aware of course the potential for that statement to bite me on the bum in coming weeks. In an odd turn of events, even before the dreaded plague descended, I was playing good golf even if mostly on one leg for last 9 holes. My handicap dropped from 13 down to 8 over 3 months after a rather impressive 74 off the stick 2 weeks ago. Of course after a party comes the cleanup and so shot 88 last week. Golf is a fun game but maybe not supposed to be that funny. Still it is a very pleasant way to spend a few hrs on a Wednesday morning and only have to talk to one other person. Speaking of one person coming home afterwards to rest ankle and “netflix and chill” certainly loses some of its appeal solo. Unlike international travel 🙂





Hard to go a month without talking about Buffoon Bob but really where do you start. The daily “press briefings” are killing him as more people see his stupidity on full display. Of course we see the whole gamut of his peculiar personality as well. He tried to say the nonsense about disinfectant and light were sarcasm. Ah no. Better still he continues to throw his sycophant supporters under the bus like the Georgia Governor. As his re election campaign goes to shit in a handbasket expect him to explore all avenues for postponement/cancellation of November election. I think this meme best sums up his supporters. Majority are 2s

TV land has been good with Bosch Season 6 great as always. Second Season of After Life is what you expect. You either like Gervais or not – I do. In small doses. BCS ended in usual solid fashion and Homeland built nicely to upcoming finale today. There have been two constants really in this month that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the dial. Mad as Hell even without an audience is great week in week out and Bludging on the Blindside podcast with Roy and HG is a very welcome return. One really does get sick and tired of sports shows filling in the weeks with their “best ever mid week grandfinal rematch” . Hopefully PGA tour returns soon

Yesterday was Anzac Day of course and it was a unique one for obvious reasons. I did stand out of footpath with candle at 6 am and would say compliance in my neighbourhood was about 20% as expected. One thing Maryhole has done very well in recent years is build a memorial in Queens Park. Its understated but brilliant in its simplicity. Judge for yourself folks


Wet Wet Wet

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I certainly feel it in my toes which means it may be time to go up market and buy the $20 shoes next time

Nothing worse than a cocky weather person. They finally get it right one time out of ten and ya cant shut them up. We got around the 200 mm over two days last week which filled all the reservoirs on golf course along with most of the bunkers! Its either feast or famine here I tell ya. Its great for the course long term but now we need a break to actually start cutting some grass so we can actually see where the Green may be. Just as bunkers start to dry out we get another 30 mm over night and back to square 1. Have missed my Wednesday Golf outing two weeks in a row now just when I was on fire and dropped 2 shots off handicap – and hooked into some friendly wallets big time. On the days in between of course we get the grey skies and big tease which leads to 2 spots of rain and 112% humidity. The weather app says “temp is 28, feels like 34”. No shit Sherlock. Of course we have our locals – bless their little grey cotton socks – who as soon as skies turn grey its out with the track pants and long sleeve Hoodies! Yesterday I actually did the Bogan Double and it was a sight to behold and one certainly hard to forget. Centrelink to Commonwealth Bank in space of 10 mins. Oddly the CBA line up was more alarming and can only assume Centrelink had cleared as it had been open for 30 minutes. There was a guy sitting outside the CBA busking as an “Aussie Joke Teller” and rather than a hat or bucket to collect the pennies he had a plastic ice cream container which can only hope was empty. Certainly no money in it.

Both trips into Hell related to upcoming Call Me Bwana trip next month . Have to inform Centrelink will be out of country of course – and not going to China – and then try and get some US$ for South African trip naturally. Travelex has been hacked for a while now so went with the front up to counter approach and see if they had any of the green stuff lying around. They did luckily but not a lot so will grab some more at an actual Currency Exchange in city. You get gouged at CBA trust me so doubt it will be much worse

For a relatively short holiday – 7 days actual on safari – certainly a lot of preparation needed. Last week was vaccination time and of course nothing is ever simple. It starts a few weeks ago getting your own immune status checked and then the discussion about which actual injections you need. I asked if there was a “No Moron vaccination” available but alas no. Luckily my immune status for that was high. As CLP and I went to different doctors we got different advice and hence different “cover”. I can’t get Yellow Fever now but could get cholera or rabies if I eat any monkey brain I guess. If I do throw up over CLP though its ok as she did get rabies and cholera cover but not Yellow Fever. Figure if we stay close together we can share our immunities.

Also have the Anti-Malarials lined up along with bug spray and long sleeved clothes. My defense now is as solid as the Watto Forward Push. Oops……. may not be a good weekend

Speaking of diseased monkey brains one simply cannot fathom how Buffoon Bob keeps getting away with the crap he does. Its no great surprise he does what he does as he is who he is but the spineless sycophant Republicans who continually support him are a disgrace. Its primary time now of course which is both fascinating and unbelievable. The Iowa cluster fuck is surely a woeful portent for the race ahead. I though ABC struggled to fill in the long hours of an Election Night broadcast but they have nothing on CNN that can spread out an ” America Decides” broadcast over 12 hrs including 10 hrs before polls even close! They love Exit Polls over there and bar up over the “23% of white women, college educated, lesbian, unemployed, first time voters” who said they were undecided until they actually voted. That’s good for a 30 minute round table discussion on which delegate that will favour in this all important first of 98 caucuses to be held. It all matters nothing because as we all know with BB nothing sticks. Except face tan it appears…….

Its an odd world we live in with no sign of a return to normality anytime soon. All one can do is try and see as much of it as possible before the walls come crashing down. Given the strength of some of the ones BB has put up recently could be just around the corner…..

Woke up in Penola to cool grey and drizzly skies which was FAD for our drive. It was about 4.5 hrs to our lodgings in Harcourt North for 4 nights – Ferguson Windy Hill. A luxurious B&B&W – the W obviously referring to Wine – on a hill (with wind apparently) overlooking a lovely valley. Peace and Quiet personified. First up though, some thriving metropolises to navigate.

2 hrs out of Penola was our first stop of Murtoa. Luckily it was bin day and the place was jumping

Then we started up our SAT NAV and it seemed to want to go down an odd street off the highway on our way to St Arnaud? It appears in Victoria SAT stands for Silo Art Trail? Nice find

Drove through Horsham to our lunch destination of St Arnaud, or more exactly The Country Kitchen. Man I thought I was back in Maryhole with Bogans to the left of me and old farts to the right. We were in no great rush but simply annoys me when an old couple interact with a moron at register and takes 15 mins to order a pie and chips! We just went for the pie.

Before you could say pop my cork we were on road again and turning into our B&B&W.

The host was a handsome devil who reminded me of someone but cant place it . Caught up on all the latest news or at least 2 weeks worth having recently spent time with them at The Wedding. This daylight saving nonsense was making it hard to justify drinking before 5 pm especially now the bloody sun was out. We pushed on through though and started with a not too shabby Verve Cliquot 2008. Apparently the older this alcohol stuff is the better it is ? Then time to drink some red, bruise some steaks and warm some Waygu

It would have been rude not to eat this fine offering so hooked in as we found another bottle to wash it down. The sun had set by now so must be time for games and Espresso Martinis. What could go wrong? Have to say not a big fan of the canned variety of EM but these were delightful

Certainly cured any tifs we may have had and also cleaned out my sinuses. Our room was in the West Wing so we waddled down eventually and prepared for the next day. The weather is rather glorious but of course always variable. Todays forecast of 6 – 17 and mostly sunny is perfect

One of those may be a weather condition . Or may be related to the other two. Today we sample the fare of The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys also known as The French. Drinking may be involved 🐌🐸🥖🥂

Forecast is 12 – 16 degrees and very windy but day has dawned beautifully. Could a weather forecast be a tad askew? Sacre Bleu . We are indoors at St Kilda so weather not the biggest issue. Apparently we cook it and then eat and in a special birthday treat CLP gets to wash the dishes . First we have to find the place where the Frenchies hang out and approach with caution. They can be touchy as we know

A Maxi Cab down had us all aligned on the French Border nice and early but our wonderful host Tonya was happy to let us in. It is actually her home with beautiful views over the water but also ideally set up to cater for our group of 8.2 . It is called Cooking on the Bay but luckily we were indoors as the wind started to blow. Our menu was laid out for us and broken into 4 groups of two each with designated task.

Our job – CLP and moi – was the Twice Baked Goats Cheese Soufflé . Easy peasy . A whisk here, a stir there and bung in the oven. Everyone else seemed busy so I quickly sorted out the bubbles while Ant practiced some French disdain

While the food and drink were amazing the true highlight for us was to have the CLP familia together in such a relaxed setting. Eloise was a treat as always and while it does impact on Rick and Jess’s ability to fully immerse themselves in the experience it also adds to the feeling of family.

After our rather excellent soufflé it was time to cook up the duck. We left this in capable hands of CLPant. Patent pending.

That could only mean it was time to fire up and sizzle some creme brûlée . BC2 and Quinn were pyromaniacs in the making so quickly stepped forward and took charge. The results were bordering on delectable

After an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable 8 hrs there was only one thing needed to make CLPs day a treasured memory

It has been an amazing week starting with a wonderful wedding and ending with this memorable experience . We are lucky folk indeed . We say goodbye to family tomorrow and then chill for one more night before heading off slowly to Kangaroo Island

WFW – Day 18. On The Waterfront

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“ I could have been a contender and not just a man with a cute bum” or something like that . Let me check

Close enough he was always a mumbler. When I did a day trip to Baltimore a couple of years ago the waterfront area around Inner Harbour struck me as quite beautiful. It was a sunny clear day 😏. Today looks like cloud at start that will slowly lift and might get couple good days, couple bad, and then good again. Will check out park today as well because snow wont last with a positively balmy 11 degrees predicted. Then will wander down into general direction of water and see where the day leads. Of some concern back home is a cyclone may impact on my home area of Fraser Coast in coming days

Had heard one place to check out nearby was Baltimore Licks which I can only assume is a Local Lesbian Lair?

Ah, ice cream. Makes more sense. Only open Saturday afternoon from midday to 9 pm ? Hmm, i dont think it really is an ice cream parlour folks 💃🏻

Only took one morning to confirm that coming back to Baltimore was a smart idea. It was a glorious morning for a walk down to waterfront and ended up at American Visionary Art Museum – google it folks, thats a looooongway . But first the Park

Then a slow meander down to Waterfront and first Fells Point. Looks a great place and will definitely come back when some very interesting looking pubs may be open. Excellent Cortado as well

Then onto the more “tourist” section of waterfront I guess. Fascinating Maritime history there with some very interesting ships in dock. Not interesting enough to pay to go on board, if open, but well worth reading about

Simply stunning morning and its a great area to walk around when quiet

A snow covered Federal Hill was beckoning in distance and thought likely last time will be snow covered so what’s another Klm between friends

Of course now quite close to American Visionary Art Museum so of course had to check it out. What amazing value for $!5

Then it was back more to Inner Harbour for my one Baltimore tradition – Guinness Stew and a Blonde Guinness at Irish Pub Tir na nOg. Looks like a plan forming for my birthday already…

Only midday and already done so much. Time to Uber home and plan afternoon but may be a quiet one. I couldn’t possibly bore you with any more photos could I…..

The snow has melted, time to get my teeth into some public transport and hope i dont end up dead. You quickly venture into less desirable areas if not careful but was a man on a mission, admittedly one that was forming on then go. A grave set of teeth first

Ok, well that looks like Camden Yards within walking distance. It’s a belter of a day so why not. At least not Monday so Museum will be open. The access is to Camden Yards is quite amazing really

Time to plan trip home, just need a house that sells ale and not full of pratts. Yep this will do and the Navy Bus home stops 50 feet down stree. It’s time to head home then

Yes there are too many photos but you should see the pearlers that missed the cut! You never know what tomorrow may bring so dont be shy in getting out and about. Almost seems a shame to be indoors with daylight still there but ankle needs a rest and a reset

It appears my Gortex Jacket is made more of Paper Lace rather than actual thermal gear given I cant really get warm and thus cold has freshened up . With Billy Joel concert tonight it seems best idea is have a quiet day mostly indoors and follow the advice of

Interesting article on Today Show this morning . Yes thats how sick I am, stuck watching that drivel. It seems that single dinner bookings on Valentines Day are up 80% in last 4 years . Of course that may mean it has gone up from 4 a night to 5 🤓 It probably also explains why I don’t have a date yet . Billy J is at MSG so will have a loiter around ESB after show to see if Meg turned up. Hell, I would take Deborah Kerr at this stage, I could use that wheelchair at present with my ankle. First job though is to find a warmer jacket . My packing for solo trips of late has been a tad ordinary . As shops wont be open for a little while and subways crowded two other jobs first – find out why my ham in fridge is frozen and second a decent coffee nearby. UWS , and Hotel Beacon, are fine for many things but don’t think it screams “cafe scene” sadly.

When in doubt go with hot chocolate. Found some coffee places but all had at least 10 lining up. Found myself down around 5th Ave and sure enough my thoughtful nature kicked in. There it was and this was Valentines Day . The one thing all women desire – a flat iron

It was a nice morning in the sun walking around and blow me if I didn’t come across what I assumed was a live version of a Where’s Wally game unfolding. But that would be virgin on the ridiculous eh

Eventually NorthFace opened and they have some good gear but man they don’t miss ya. Simply suck it up and work out later how you will pack what equates to an inflatable dinghy into your bag .If it keeps me warm and start to heal will be worth it

Confident in my ability now to keep warm I headed off on a booteeful afternoon to upper upper west side as research had indicated that the view from the “vertical tour” of Cathedral of Johnny Divine was indeed divine. Sadly research did not extend to days and time of tour. At Friday noon for a guided tour with GU I will settle for my view from floor 22

Still as I was in the area checked out Toms Restaurant, some more churches and Grants Tomb. He still dead

For a quiet day saw a fair bit and still have Billy to listen to and Meg to snog. Mind you if this cough doesn’t settle down soon I will be Sleepless in NYC as well

Amazing concert. Packed Garden and the crowd really joined in. Wonderful experience cant do justice to with photos. A visual and aural assault. Great seat as well

Maybe try a couple of videos

So great night just left one thing to do….

Bitch didn’t show . Now I am stuck with a bloody teddy bear to pack as well!

SOS Day 4 – Beached at Bondi ?

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Well, certainly feel a bit like a whale today after yesterday’s lunch! Did venture to the gym early but the two treadmills and 1 skip rope provided for the 3000 guests were in use. Who would have thunk ? Simple plan today . Stay dry and under 120 kg. Not as easy as may sound given our last 3 days . Harkle are in Melbourne today harassing non ambulatory 98 yr olds so good chance attention will focus more on us again. Second plan then is to travel out to Bondi Beach to see Sculptures by the Sea and hope they were not washed away. First up though we sped past Mach 1 at the speed of sound and straight to Mach 2 for breakfast. Given the breakfast I had glad sound barrier already broken…

Then it was time to mix with the great unwashed , despite the rain, on the Bus To Bondi. Moved along quite well actually and we alighted a couple of stops before the actual beach is the start of 2 km coastal walk dotted with Scupltures. Or so we thought. In fairness the weather has been bad but to say the much heralded display opening was still a work in progress is being generous. Some sculptures still wrapped up, some in crates etc Of course with the arty farty crowd banging up this stuff some may look half done but actually be finished masterpieces 😏

Given that some left over roofing iron and fence palings hammered together was unlikely to enthrall for hours we also planned to visit Watsons Bay for a review in honour of Watto and a plumb LBW. We could achieve this by bus. You don’t have to actually swim everywhere in Sydney just because it is all on a Harbour. While waiting for said conveyance some pop art caught my eye.i don’t see the connection to Dirty Dancing but there ya go

By now of course the sun was blazing which made for a very pleasant stop at Watsons Bay and adjacent sand congregations. A bit of a walk around with lovely views and then back down to the wharf for some fish and chips as you do

Caught the ferry home this time and it does get along trust me. Get off at Circular Quay for the 20 min walk home. Notice many Invictus Games folk around already in their distinctive shirts . A couple of hours relaxing now and then will head across road to The Swinging Cat for a late afternoon cocktail. Apparently The Dangling Pussy next door had to close its doors for health reasons

I drunk. I swung. I even purred a little

When last we met it was April. Now it is May – this is how this monthly caper works. I wouldnt stay time is flying by but it is moving at a fair clip.

May of course is a significant month for moi for several reasons . It was a mere 15 yrs ago that CLP at last discovered her one true love. Scrapbooking. Now while scrapbooking she was throwing out photos pre 1980 and found some of her days in Maryhole and wondered what that clown in the corner sleeping was doing these days. As they say the rest is history and 15 yrs later we still see each other occasionally but exclusively. I think 🙂 In fact I think we have spent a total of three and a half weeks actually together and this could be a pertinent fact to our longevity folks. CLP drove up to Maryhole – after checking she had up to date google maps installed – on Saturday and I went to golf thus keeping our quotient in tact. We did have a lovely morning drive down to Havery Bay the next morning though for a scrumptious breakfast at Dan & Step of MKR fame and a hobble along the beach. I call it Havery Bay now because when trying to check in on Facebook that is the first option it gave me and that tickled my fancy. Of course I was sitting in the sand at the time so that could also have tickled said region I guess.

May is also a busy month birthday wise for kidlets and kicked off with Jessica turning 4 on Saturday.Hopefully get out later in month to catch up with clan. In the meantime

It was supposed to be a big weekend for Rugby League. Some players decided to make it bigger. Now it is easy to think how dumb are these players but there is some science involved actually – although clearly not with Broomstick and Sideshow Bob ( has to be some great memes around surely?)

The science involved is that you recover much quicker from a snort than 12 schooners the night before ( given those two clowns had the 12 schooners first gives them a fail mark here of course ). Average workers understand the effect of 12 schooners the night before. The real issue of course is that the NRL is so weak on this and just do the talk but not the walk. These players can do anything for a first offense and are sweet and then pull your head in – unless you are Ben Barba. If they are serious give them a whack the first time and a lot of it will stop. There is also the Damian Keogh fiasco followed shortly by the young player at Cronulla which is a whole different issue.

In TV land Billions ended with enough tease to hook you back in easily next season. One of the top 3 shows on year in year out. Another strong contender would have to be Line of Duty which just finished Season 4. Certainly the best cop show on at present. For some reason I stayed with Last Man on Earth and was suitably rewarded with the appearance of Wiig. Whether it makes another season is debatable though. American Crime Season 3 is the weakest so far early on – hope it picks up. Veep is still very good if a tad uneven but certainly has some of the most memorable lines week in week out

In Holiday land all things are a bit quite on the western front. North, South and East too for that matter. Both holidays on the horizon are at the well planned stage so on back burner which can only mean one thing – time to plan next USA solo trip! Not helped by the fact that my Facebook feed is full of wonderful memories form 6 yrs ago

As winter approaches and the sun sleeps in devoted fans would know that at 5:59 am , if not out on Golf Course rearranging footprints, I head out on the highway to Sexie Coffee for my caffeine hit. I was a little concerned I was still half asleep when I noticed the speed limit signs this morning. Then I remembered this how we denote a 90 k zone here

Of course here in God’s country we all have our Get out of Jail Free card if pulled over

And finally your good old Uncle Flashy is always here to help and edumacate the masses. In keeping with this goal here is the much searched for instructional video on “How to lick Pussy” . You can thank me later

The Week That Was – 24-10-2016

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Yep, I try to walk away from this farce called a US election but feel like Michael and not just because I have a brother called Freddo . Who strangely never wants to come fishing with me ? Not only did I watch the last debate live but even the Al Smith dinner the next day ! Last week I didnt even know who Al Smith was. To be fair I stumbled across it watching The Kelly File and there is the drum. While I scoff at folk watching The Block and MKR I watch O’Reilly and Kelly, who it must be said is somewhat transfixing. Not sure if she speaks yet, have the sound off. If I ever watch Hannity, shoot me ok. On a side note that is likely to see my inbox filled with requests to donate to Trump has everyone else noted that most of his surrogates are females who look like failed Beauty Queen entrants – rather attractive from a distance but quite severe up close. And then they screech, sorry speak. The last debate was of most interest because it meant there would be a third SNL parody – who doesnt want to play Trump Bingo!

Only two weeks to go and amazingly he could still win. While it should not surprise me it does – why aren’t more people concerned about the process of the wikileaks hacks rather than the content? Assange is no hero last time I checked . Of course Buffoon Bob shoots himself in foot daily so even if media wasnt “rigged” there is hardly space left to discuss the leaks. They say a picture paints 1000 words and this one attached to the excellent Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi is both mesmerising and beautiful. And scary in its accuracy. This is nightmare inducing imagery akin to Munch’s The Scream


So, I am guessing other stuff is happening in the world. In TV land, Goliath started off strong and then faded away rather poorly. At least I watched the episodes in the correct order!

Black Mirror is one show can watch in any order and still be impressed. Great to see Season 3 back and on Netflix. Virtually impossible to describe. Speaking of impossible, why try to revamp the vamp and make a new Rocky Horror? Ok, of course there is a simple answer so here is a tougher question – Why Tim Curry, Why 😦 The opening sequence was in fact excellent but as soon as Riff Raff appeared in an odd “vocal interpretation” followed shortly by Cox, the cat was out of the bag. It does remind one that not only was the the original movie magical but the cast was stellar across the board. I could watch the 2016 opening again and again though. So lets

Sporting wise The All Blacks won again and we do seem a bit overly sensitive to the clown article in the NZ media. Not as if Kiwis can read after all 🙂 The Moto GP at Phillip Island simply reminds us what Mike Gibson use to say – these guys have balls the size of orchestra stalls. Cricket starts soon zzzzzzzzzz

Actually had some rain yesterday but not a lot. Did cool place down but the poor old golf course needs about 3 times as much. The Bunker Bike is currently dead so means its all hands – well both – on deck and manual hand raking. 2 hrs is about my limit – especially when sand is a bit wet like this morning – before back screams out “You’re kidding right?”. Then ankle joins in ” at least you dont have to lug the whole body around 24/7″ ! So, time to down tools and get the morning coffee and head home for weekly blog. (Yes that would be this , move to top of class). Toast makes good coffee but so does Sexie Coffee – and with latter I dont have to get out of car and chance meeting some great unwashed. Sexie Coffee is on highway just north of Maryhole and as is drive through one gets a good glance at “line up” at the window as one approaches along said highway. In a northerly direction. Still following this anecdote? Although never yet had to follow through on this, general rule is if 3 cars lined up turnaround and go home. Just the one ? Great, onward and upward. Now, the drive through has a semi circular configuration as you may know and not all is visible from road but a good 75% and literally 10 s away. What are the chances? Yep, you guessed it. That last 25% somehow had 2 cars in it for that critical moment. Assuming women drivers given how long it took them to travel 20m not in a straight line! Thank Me, no reverse parking is involved 🙂

And its goodnight from him

Monday Musings

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And so the greatest sporting theatre of the year has once more come and gone and did not disappoint even if most people had to google the winner. Those last 9 holes at Augusta eh. The critical 10 minutes of course was Spieth who , as returning champ gets to choose the Champions dinner menu, but instead chose to make a meal of the short 12th. It gladdens the heart of all hackers to see a pro stuff up like that while at the same time feeling some pity momentarily. Cant really take to Spieth though as he seems to be the good old boy off course but does whine a lot on the course and has the charisma of a limp flag. Not too many limp flags at Augusta mind you over those first few days. Day shot his load in the first round losing those 5 shots. Even though he hung around you dont get over that momentum stopper. Scott was always going to struggle on these greens. Oost’s hole in one was simply unbelievable given its ricochet off another ball at first pushing it away from the hole

In other sporting news the Broncs continue to dawdle along by making few mistakes. Interesting to hear King Wally saying they are still doing 90% defensive work at training so lets hope their attack kicks in soon. The QT man of Rugby League clearly has a plan and not a big sharer. Of course what do we do if we are the NSW media and the QLD teams are daylight ahead of everyone else ? – flog the death out of the “rat “story. zzzzzzzzz The cross team circle prayer at end of Tigers Knights game was an interesting sight. Very American in a way and beyond my realms of comprehension but can’t be a bad thing really . Maybe the Tigers were in no rush to get to the dressing room….

In other theatre news we have of course the US elections. I think Trumpy Von Trump’s bubble has burst and while he will win NYC he wont get the 1237 needed and so we have a “contested convention” where there is a strong move to allow guns to be carried. What could go wrong ? The GOP contest of course sounds like you went in for that vasectomy reversal but there was a cock up (literally!) and you came out with a circumcision reversal instead. You just know there is a lot of pain ahead. So anyone rejoicing the downfall of Trump , as we all should, just take a closer look at Cruz. In other media commitments have already highlighted he has to be Eddie Munster grown up doesnt he ?


Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks during a "Celebrate the 2nd Amendment Event," Saturday, June 20, 2015, at the CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks during a “Celebrate the 2nd Amendment Event,” Saturday, June 20, 2015, at the CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Kasich seems ok but then it is easy to be casual and free wheeling when no chance 🙂 On the other side Hil’s biggest problem could well be her last name while the one email she forgot to send was to Bernie telling him he’s dreamin! They let Slick Willy off the chain last week and it may bite them and her strong support amongst African Americans. Seems the strength behind Hillary, despite losing the last 7 primaries, are the famed Super Delegates. It would appear that like most men his age Bernie is only on Unleaded. You only have to listen to Obama speak though to know that whoever wins there will be an intellect void by comparison at 1600 Pennsylvania for next 4-8 years

Speaking of USA, CLP is nagging me to go back to USA one more time. She must have got two messages stuck together because it ended with “and dont come back “which of course does not make sense. So an idea is forming based on a famous Mamas and Papas song and no it does not involve the Mardi Gras in Sydney. But u r right , that is a great song to end on and does remind me time for some new clothes. But Im keeping the beanie ok…..